FC-629-8 – Straight Knife Cutting Machine



Accuracy: Cutting of intricate patterns and tight turns due to low-profile
base plate and narrow silhouette standard.
Continuous. smooth running: Perfect fit and continuous running With cross heads. crank and knife slides that are machined to a tolerance Within. 0005-(0.0013cm)
• Simple handling Of the machine due to its low center of gravity and the best power-to-gravity weight ration in the industry.
• Low maintenance requiring only dairy lubricating with the easy-to-use one shot single-reservoir oiling system.
• Elimination of the heat and exhaust from the operator via the rear air
• Ability to reduce speed to eliminate fusing.provided by the dual speed option.
Durability: Built with the highest grade materials available.

FC-629-8 – Straight Knife Cutting Machine

Brajvir Pundir


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